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Honor, Valor, Country

We, the family of Johnny Micheal Spann would like to welcome you to our honorary place on the Internet to share Mike's brief history, our memories, and our collective hopes for the future.

We are not about garnering sympathy or being unjust.  We are about sharing Mike with our fellow Americans and interested people from around the world who have contacted us and have asked to know more about Mike - son, husband, father, and countryman.

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From February 2006:
Johhny Spann's Response to Frank Lindh

* A letter to protest a pardon for John Walker Lindh - by CNN reporter, Robert Pelton

* Note from Johnny Spann on Pelton:
"This is a article written by Robert Young Pelton. I personally know Robert and we have shared information. He is a good honest man and this is the truth. Trouble is the media does not want to print the truth. Frank Lindh is misleading and distorting the truth. He does not talk about the real truth."

View Mike's section on the Arlington Cemetery Website
Read comments from people around the world here.

Archives - Read Johnny Spann's letter on his 2003 trip to Afghanistan.

An honor guard of U.S. Marines carried the body of slain CIA Agent and former Marine Captain, Johnny "Mike" Spann to his hero's resting place at Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D.C.

"I believe in the meaning of honor and integrity.  
I am an action person who feels personally responsible for making any changes in this world that are in my power...because if I don't, no one else will"
Mike Spann
A passage from his CIA application


America is free due to heros like Mike Spann - CIA agent killed in Afghanistan.

"Mike Spann is an American hero who worked hard to do what was right." 
- George Tenet
CIA Director 

"Mike has always stood for love of country.  Even as a young man he was proud of his country and his flag.  I know he would never regret giving his life for America - the land he so loved". 
- anonymous 

"Mike is a hero not because of the way he died, but because of the way he lived.". 
- Shannon Spann - wife. 


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