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The word and symbols of the word that most Americans now visualize regarding this country is now clouded with images of veiled faces, angry voices, bombs, caves, and in the middle... the young men and women of the Free countries of the world fighting against our greatest foe in years.  Terrorism.

few great online resources can go a long way.  We've compiled some that we have found to be outstanding.  Knowledge is power.  
If you have questions regarding America's stance on defense and policies then you're certain to find an answer here.  

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Mike Spann, in Afghanistan.

Please remember that our military men and women are fighting for the freedoms that we enjoy - and take for granted - every day.  Many are currently stationed in hostile lands.  Take a quick moment to send them support from the homeland at Operation Dear Abby

White House Press Briefing - November 29, 2001

 It's a sad story about the CIA agent who was killed, but it's very important that the CIA made the announcement, which is a change of policy. Does this mean that the CIA will now be more forthcoming in announcements that have to do with intelligence? And do you have any details about his execution, which was apparently pretty gruesome?

I would just refer you to the CIA on this topic. The CIA did make a statement, Director Tenet did. And this is a very sad day. It's sad for the country, it's sad for the CIA. They are a very close family. And I think all Americans take note of this. And any loss of life in the war in Afghanistan is troubling to this country, and so, too, today's loss.

Can you tell us if and how the President was informed of Mr. Spann's death, the CIA agent who was killed in Afghanistan, what his reaction was, and if he has called the family?

I was not there when the President was informed. I would just presume that he was told at his usual intelligence briefing, one way or another, by Director Tenet. And the President was aware of the announcement, of course, the public announcement that the CIA made today. I do not have any information on any phone calls at this moment.

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U.S. Department of State -  Rewards for Justice

- Information below from the State Department's Rewards for Justice Website - 

This innovative State Department program combats terrorism worldwide by using rewards payments to obtain information on terrorist identities, plans and hiding places.

Time and again individuals with knowledge of terrorists' plans and locations have shown they are willing to come forward -- for a price. That's why every dollar you contribute to the Rewards for Justice Fund will be used solely to entice these individuals into revealing information that brings terrorists to justice.

The Rewards for Justice Program has played a key role in the apprehension of many of the world's most destructive and violent terrorists, but clearly --much more remains to be done. So please, click below. Help us stop terrorists -- before they strike again.

Click here to make a donation

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Operation Dear Abby

Dear Abby did so much for so many people.  But one of the greatest and most lasting things she did was help organize and create a way toSend E-mail to troops at AnyServicemember... send mail / email, etc. to our troops.
Far away from home and needing our support, this grass-roots effort is a shining example of American patriotism and pride.  So send an email today.

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Defense Dept. - Defense LINK

The Department of Defense hosts this outstanding and informative Website geared toward all aspects of our country's defense organizations.
News about the new Department of Homeland Security is also available here.   - see link below - 

Defense Department's Defense Link

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Defense Dept. - Defend America

The Department of Defense also hosts this resourceful Website with a plethora of information regarding past events, all branches of US military and interesting reading on our current situations globally. 

Defend American Website

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Military Branches

The links listed below encompass all branches of U.S. military.

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America's Fund for Afghan Children
c/o The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW.
Washington, DC, 20509-1600

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the War

"Mike Spann is an American hero.  He was a man who showed passion for his country and his Agency through his selfless courage." 
- The CIA family 


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