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March 2003 Comments:


Date:        22 Mar 2003
Time:        23:02:53


Mike Spann is a hero who epitomizes the ideal of selfless service to America; an ideal that I hope to live up to in my life. I have been truly inspired by the life of Mike Spann, and by his love and devotion to his family and his country. The United States of America is the great and powerful nation that it is today because of talented and brave men like Mike Spann.

-Hank M.

Date:        12 Mar 2003
Time:        20:49:04


Mike is my second cousin. My grandmother and Gayle are sisters. I am a bit younger than Mike but remember the family get-togethers in Florida, as well as times Tanya, Tammy and Mike visited Texas. I watch Fox News religiously and I cannot begin to explain what a wake up call it was for me, personally, to see Mike's picture on every major network. Ironically enough, it not only brings great sadness to our family but great pride as well. I feel honored to share the same blood with Mike Spann. I have chosen to add Auburn University as a potential graduate school choice in public administration on behalf of Mike Spann. I will continue to make this family proud as he did. He has set an unbelievably high standard and I thank him for setting it - he has renewed a lifelong ambition in public service. 

God Bless, 

Ashley Neil Farris

Date:        12 Mar 2003
Time:        13:58:17


Having lost a few friends as a law enforcement veteran, I am touched by what I saw here. Too many Americans have no idea as to the caliber of men we send into harm's way. The nation owes Mike Spann and his family eternal gratitude. 

God bless you, 

Mark Trower

Date: 09 Mar 2003


The life of Johnny "Mike" Spann should be a model of the life all Americans should lead. Love for family, love for God, love for country, and love for justice. In this day in age when us young people do not have many people to look up to I am safe to say that I have found my role model. May God bless him and his family. 

Raul Picart Martinez, California

Date: 06 Mar 2003
Time: 14:00:30


To the Spann Family, I am proud to be from a country that produces such fine young men as your Mike. I'm sure it doesn't get any easier with time, and I want you to know that, like many Americans, I have thought about and prayed for Mike and your family these past 15 months. Now we are an the verge of the next phase of this same war. A step that is necessary, and a mission that will be accomplished. Unfortunately, some American soldiers will be lost. May their families take strength in your courage and patriotism. 

God bless you.

February 2003 Comments:

Date: 08 Feb 2003
Time: 19:31:57


I think one of the best photos of Mike is the one where's he on the horse in Afghanistan. I'd like you to post that if possible on the website, and make it available in a JPEG format. It's one I'd like to post around the world. It's something that the "Bad Guys" would understand. That we're versatile, mobile, dedicated, and may just ride up to their door at zero-dark-thirty, on a horse! 

My best to you and yours. 

Charley Mike

Date: 06 Feb 2003
Time: 11:18:48


Mike Spann was the XO of my first unit in the Marine Corps. He was a great leader and source of confidence to the Marines of Lima. I remember him specifically for a "breach of radio procedure" when we were in Fuji. I know he put up one hell of a fight, that's the type of guy he was. 

-0861 L 3/12 '94-'95

Date: 04 Feb 2003
Time: 23:10:42


There are those of us you will never know who are deeply grateful for the ultimate sacrifice Mr. Spann made for his fellow citizens. We honor him by remembering him, and all those who have died in service to their country. 


Date: 01 Feb 2003


As a former soldier, who never faced combat, I hold deep admiration and respect for those who have. And I am profoundly disgusted by people like Lindh who turn against the country that gave them so much and against all the brave heroes who shed their own blood to ensure the freedom of Americans. In the world of wishy-washy liberals where there is no right or wrong, no black and white only shades of grey, the death of this hero along with the capture of a traitor, presents an indisputable portrait of loyalty vs. betrayal, dishonesty vs. truth and dishonor vs. integrity, valor and patriotism. Because of brave men like Mike Spann I didn't have to go to war. Although, from what I've seen and read of him, it would have been an honor to have served beside him. To his parents: Thank you for your priceless sacrifice for our country. 

May God bless you all. 

- Dave Cowart

January 2003 Comments:


Date:        11 Jan 2003
Time:        12:11:38


John Walker Lindh does not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Mike Spann. It is people like Mike Spann that allow the rest of us to enjoy all the freedoms that come with being American. Thank you to Mike Spann....WE WILL NEVER FORGET!!!


Date:        03 Jan 2003
Time:        14:32:33


This comment is to Mrs. Spann.  You don't know me and you will probably never read this but I want to speak my peace on this issue.  All i have really ever wanted to do in life was join the CIA i never told anyone this except my mother and grandmother until now.  I want to be just like Mike Spann one day everything he did in the CIA is what i dream to do one day.  I try to look things up about mike and what he did and his past training etc, etc., but there is not much of it as everyone knows.  I know this means nothing to you but i have many clippings on this issue and one that i have is of you at the funeral holding your new born next to director tenet.  It is one of the few things in life now that makes me sad, but i also see in your face that you are a warrior just like Mike...  I only hope one day to be blessed with his spirit and yours to guide me threw to his job in the CIA..  If you ever read this know that someone out there wants to be just like Mike... and i mean Mike Spann..!  

Dusten Lassiter 21, 3/505 Ft. Bragg NC.
.... May God and the CIA show me the light.....

Date:        01 Jan 2003
Time:        06:53:25


I recently applied to the CIA for a position in the Directorate of Operations.  Yes, 9-11 certainly played a role in my decision to do so.  I wrote my personal statement in my application before finding your site.  It is uncanny how Mike Spann's personal statement mirrored my own thoughts on what it means to be a good, proactive person of high ethical standards, one ready to lead when others cower.

Don't think that many American's don't care about what happened to Mike Spann.  It's been written on your site many times, but I'll write it here again:  he selflessly gave his life for his nation -- a true hero.



   December 2002 Comments:

Date:        15 Dec 2002
Time:        01:27:13


  Hello, your husband was a great man.  Ever since, he was killed I have became interested in his career and basically his life story.  Please, do not think I am crazy.  It is amazing how somebody so young and at a stage where we are supposedly not thinking about tomorrow.  However, your husband lived his dream.  Lots of people can not say that.  Reading about him and your family is just remarkable.  Please, Mrs. Spann know that there are people out there who would have done anything to do what your husband did.  Make sure your kids live everyday and never let a day go by they regret.  Again if I could turn back the clock instead of worshipping athletes I would have worshipped true heroes like your husband.  I am an atheist, however I do care.  My heart goes out to the Spann family and the your kids.  They are going to be very strong human beings after all of these tragic events.  Be proud of them.


Date:        09 Dec 2002
Time:        01:00:31


Hello, what your husband did was truly heroic.  He was a true hero.  If I could go back and turn the clock I would be like him.  He really made something of his life.  Unfortunately, God failed me and lead me to the path your husband chose, in fact God has failed lots of times.  I am so sorry about your husband and what happened.  I know how you must feel let down in a way by God because you could have trusted him to protect Mike.  However, he failed, just like he did me so many times.  It is sad that good like your husband are taken from us so early.  I am going through a time in my life where God let me down.  I hope that your kids and yourself and Mike's family are proud of your what he became.  He could home and say to his family that I am doing something right, and that he was successful in his mission.  I can only come home to my family, and admit I am nothing than a complete failure.  Mike died a hero, be proud of him. Sorry God let you down!


*Note from WebAdmin:
  You are in our thoughts as you go through your own personal conflict.  Stay well.

Date:        05 Dec 2002
Time:        22:51:42


I went to school with Mike, only briefly.  My family owned the Sonic there in town.  Mike was a wonderful person. Mike and I were friends from the first time I met him.  He was always there when there was a "major crisis" in my life. Now looking back, the "major crisis" aren't remembered, but the friendship was.  Mike will always be in my heart and my prayers and thoughts are always with the family.  Mike you will never be forgotten, but will be missed by all.    

Pamela "Whitfield" Dinger


   November 2002 Comments:

Date:        26 Nov 2002
Time:        12:46:42


A year has past, but not forgotten.  I will never let the memory disappear and my children will know of his courage and honor.  It is an honor to know that I grew up with someone of his character and heroism.  May God Bless!

Hal Holland - Vestavia Hills, AL

Date:        21 Nov 2002
Time:        20:03:49


You and your family should be proud of the impact Mike's life had on his countrymen.  While some people still don't understand the nature of the enemy we now face, and concoct lies about Mike's actions in Afghanistan (see the Oct 29, 2002 posting), the mass of us are grateful for his service.  As for Mr. Walker Lindh and his ilk, we will never forget what you did and you will pay for your treachery in this life or the next.  Count on it.


Date:        21 Nov 2002
Time:        17:20:38


Mike Spann's memory, story and inspiration live on. I just returned from Afghanistan, and what a difference a year makes. Thanks for starting it, Mike. You are now a legend.


Date:        20 Nov 2002
Time:        16:05:42


RIP you're dead hero.

From a friendly Englishman.

Date:        15 Nov 2002
Time:        20:20:17


To the Spann Family,

My name is Jeffery Hearn, and like Mike is am a Marine.  I went through the Basic School a year prior to Mike and was an Infantry Officer.  I'm out now and have kept up, for obvious reasons, on world events.  I just wanted to say that although everyday must be hard to face without Mike, and nothing will ever fill the void. I hope that you all take solace in the fact that there are people like Mike willing to face the challenges he faced.  He is a hero and I wanted you all to know that his country thanks him for his service.

Semper Fi.

Date:        11 Nov 2002
Time:        19:39:16


I am a fourteen-year-old who attends a very liberal intellectual school in Boston, and I remember that last fall, as the war in Afghanistan was beginning, most people my age were either opposed to the war in Afghanistan and could not quite explain why or were entirely ignorant of it.  Most of them oppose the military, the government, and ost anything respectable, and look towards entertainment figures as role models.  I was probably like them too, to a certain extent, until I began to read the newspapers regularly at the time of the Qala-i-Jangi prison rising, when Micheal Spann died.  His death changed me entirely.  I can think now of no person whom I respect and admire more than Micheal Spann, for his commitment to his country and government, and I aspire to follow a career in intelligence as he did.

Wesley Morgn

Date:        10 Nov 2002
Time:        01:36:39


Thank you for sharing Mike's incredible life with us.  As a former Marine, I am proud to walk among brothers of such dedication to family and country.  His work is not yet done . . . he will continue to inspire the vast many whose lives he has touched;  we will carry on the fight for righteousness and freedom with his memory embedded in our souls.  

Semper fidelis.  - A Marine.


October Comments:

Date:        04 Oct 2002
Time:        19:15:15

Growing up in Winfield has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. Knowing the Spann family has been another. Watching Mike grow into a terrific young man has left me with some outstanding memories etched into my mind and heart. I hope people hold Mike up as an example to their children and friends. Small town Christian values produce heroes for the real world. 
May God bless you all.

Gerald Hamric
Former Winfield resident
Former United States Marine
Current American Airlines Employee

Date:        27 Sep 2002
Time:        20:43:22

I knew Mike through our high school days. Even though he was a few years younger than me ,I  felt like, he look up to me and my friends.  I have been in the military for over 16 years and was proud to hear Mike had join the military.  I was even more proud to hear that he was in the CIA.  I was deeply saddened to hear that he had been killed in the latest conflict. Now I find myself looking up to him.  Even the sacrifices that my family and I has been through, I will continue to to serve my country and to follow the oath, that I have taken. But ,I have a big problem ,with the out-come ,of one of the people( Walker Lynn) that took my friend's life.  We need to back our people because, our people are backing us.     

Joel Dillard , USCG

Date:        27 Sep 2002
Time:        19:37:57

Mr. Lindh, was giving his blessing ,to a 16 or 17 year old boy, to seek his own morals and faith; while we were still raising our kids. Mr. and Mrs. Lindh are responsible for this traitor, and should be jailed, also. I went to school with Johnny Spann, and my children went to school with Mike. We taught our children to love God, family and courage, and I am so proud of each one. My son, Joel, serves our county in the USCG and we honor him for his services. Johnny and Gail love and honored Mike, and has suffered beyond words. The Spanns' gave everything ,and our government let them down. A traitor, is a traitor! Johnny Spann should get to speak at the, so called, sentencing!

Shelia Fowler
Winfield, Alabama

Date:        18 Sep 2002
Time:        21:37:23

It's September and it's been a year since the attacks and I still feel what little meaning my life is, compared to what changes those who lost loved ones on 9-11 and to the Spann family for loosing someone I can say, "I admire". It is coming close to November a year marking Mike Spann's death.  My heart and gratitude to him and all who serve our country & especially to his wife, Shannon, will always be with me.  In some ways I know the Spann's will know how we feel, either through these readings or through our strong love for country and patriotism.

Thank you,

Mark Lorenz

Date:        05 Sep 2002
Time:        16:04:54

I didn't know Mike personally, but his acts of heroism make me so proud to be from Winfield!  May God bless Mike's family.


Date:        05 Sep 2002
Time:        17:27:10

May God continue to bless you and your family! Mike Spann represents the best of this country-someone who was willing to pay the ultimate price because he wanted to serve his country and do what others would not do, go where others would not go in order to keep us free.  His spirit lives on though he is gone from this earth. Even though I can't tell him in person, I still want to say, "Thank you for your sacrifice, Mike.  I will always appreciate my freedom because of people like you."


Date:        04 Sep 2002
Time:        15:00:37

I'm proud your Mike was an "Alabama boy."  Thank you for sharing him with us. Your memorial to him is a beautiful thin and I believe it serves the purpose you meant it to. 
I pray God continues to give you the strength to continue to shoulder the terrible burden you have been dealing with and our country the strength to face the terrible things we must deal with.

Randolph, AL

Date:        04 Sep 2002
Time:        11:27:02

Mike was a friend and a true American hero.  Actually, he was a WORLD hero!  I will never forget him and will never let my friends forget him either.  There is a lot to be said for growing up in a small town like Winfield, Alabama with the ethical and moral values that can be instilled into the lives of our heroes.  May God bless Mike's family.

Dr. Bobby Roberson ("Doc")

Date:        04 Sep 2002
Time:        22:15:49

I hope your grief can somehow be alleviated knowing that Mike Spann is a hero to us all.  He gave it all for God and country and I, for one, will be eternally grateful.   If I could wish one thing for my children and grandchildren is that they would have the courage and integrity of Mike Spann. 


Date:        03 Sep 2002
Time:        19:47:12

Mike Spann is a patriot who gave his life in the name of freedom. As a 16 year-old, many of my peers look towards sports figures and actors for heroes. I look no further than to people like Mike Spann. His dedication and commitment America and our way of life are a source of great inspiration to me.



"I believe in the meaning of honor and integrity.  
I am an action person who feels personally responsible for making any changes in this world that are in my power...because if I don't, no one else will"
Mike Spann
A passage from his CIA application

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